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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Recap of 2008 and The Plan for 2009

Well, Its been a very good year. I started making machinima when I got my capture card on April 18th 2008. I have to admit that I never saw myself getting this far as a director. I really think that this is something I will continue with for a while and maybe even Go to film school and see where I go from there. I have really enjoyed making movies for everyone, and hope that you continue to support me. Happy New Year!!

NOW for 2009: I have so much planned that I am almost overwhelmed with ideas. But let me take this one at a time, Firts of all, Some of my goals for this year are to get some more recognition for all my machinimas, Improve as a Director/Editor, and even get more advanced equiptment to make my movies more impressive. Second of all, I need to sort out what Im going to do with Suppressor. Many of you know that I have arranged with Gear(http://www.youtube.com/fbwalshyftw) to release all of season 1 of suppressor on his youtube channel to get a wider audience watching it. As soon as he finishes releasing them, I will Post the Suppressor Season 2 teaser and start Season 2. He will also be posting these on his channel in accordance to when I post them. Which means they will be released at the same time so I dont have to make the videos private until he posts them like I had to do with season 1. This may be the last season for suppressor, but thats not final.
And on the same subject of halo, I have still Planned to make Warthog Training, which will give me a chance to have some fun with making a comedy and such. This series will be released rather sparsley comapared to my other series because It will be a number 2 priority. I may also throw in a couple Halo shorts and such If I feel like it.

And now For COD4.
I have so many series planned that I have been forced to cancel Robot Donkey which will be replaced by random comedy shorts that I feel like doing. I also plan to do random episodes of Search N Get Destroyed which I hope will continue for a while. I also have to plan out a season of Zephyr which will be an incredibly intensive show consiidering what I have to do to make it look like its not something that I rushed through. So dont expect it to be made that often, I think that I may delay it until I get into season 2 of suppressor. And Like halo, I may do random comedy and Action shorts along the way.

Another announcement is that If you havnt already noticed, I have been royalty free music lately to avoid any copyright conflicts. In the end I may even remove all of my videos that contain copyright issues and apply for a youtube partnership. I may take them down, and redo the audio so I can put it back up. I will see if I feel like it.
One last thing, I plan to do Commentary for Suppressor that I will post on my secondary youtube account http://www.youtube.com/spartacus280 If you have any requests for commentary, send me a message and ill do it.

Well, We will see what happens this year.


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