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Friday, January 9, 2009

New stuff

As most people have seen, The last ever episode of inside Spartacus is up. 
ANyway, I have a couple things planned before I start making series. First off, I am about to release the suppressor Season 2 teaser, the bad part is, Im delaying the season for another 3 weeks or so Until season 1 can be released. I also have a short Machinima tips video that alot of people are going to find helpful for making their own machinimas. I will release that a couple days after the teaser for season 2. And, I am also making a Halo 3 short that I am investing alot of time(money) into, So you guys better enjoy it. Warthog training will begin shortly and will be next in line after all I have mentioned will be released. Zephyr will start sometime in febuary. 
Any questions just ask.


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