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Welcome to the official blog of Kootra Productions. I am a Machinima.com Writer/Producer/Director/Editor. I create Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2, Team Fortress 2, Half-Life, and Halo 3 Machinimas using my Xbox 360 and PC. A list of all my videos is on the right side of my blog. If you have any questions or comments, send me a message and I will try and respond. I created this blog to keep everybody up to date on all my latest productions and any other random thing that comes up. So, Enjoy watching my Videos and send them out to all your friends.


Friday, January 30, 2009

Another Suppressor Teaser

Here is another trailer for suppressor season 2 that I put together. Hope you enjoy it until I can finish the first episode of season 2.
Here it is

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Suppressor Fun

Well, Since suppressor is taking a bit longer to plan than I originally thought(mrdougan's computer difficulties, My overall Laziness, Stevie why with no internet...The list could go on), I have decided to do another short of some sort. But the short is not important, Suppressor Is gonna have some incredible plot twists and some sweet special effects this season. I really hope everyone will enjoy it. So now you know to expect a short before the next episode of suppressor, I don't have any Idea whats it gonna be about, or what game engine.

ohhhhh welll,

Friday, January 23, 2009

Zephyr News

Ok, I just released the second trailer for zephyr which you can view here. 

Why is it just a trailer instead of the pilot? Well, I decided that If I am going to do a series for cod4 right, I need some time to sort it all out. This way, by march I will be done with Suppressor and I will be free to take my time to do zephyr right.

Suppressor is now underway.
Hope you understand,


Monday, January 19, 2009

New Idea

Welllll, I have been doing alot lately. I have decided to postpone zephyr for about a week and since Ive been doing a ton of Halo 3, I will do something in cod 4. It will be either SNGD 5 or something similar until I can finish the zephyr pilot. I think you get it though. so as far as releases it goes as follows:

1.Cod4 Comedy short
2.Zephyr Pilot
3.Suppressor Season 2 Episode 1
4.Warthog Training Pilot

I am also messing around with adobe after effects, which is a blast, So expect to see some effects in these episodes.

  And also, remember to make a twitter account and follow me there for frequent updates.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


ok, right now Im making the pilot Episode for Zephyr. Expect it to be about 7 minutes or so.
I am also writing the script for the second season of Suppressor, which I am going to be using some special effects and such just to try out a new program.  After all of this is released, expect Warthog training.

Also, I have started up a Twitter page that I will update pretty frequently(More than this blog).
This is the link to my page RIGHT HERE. 

I made it to follow TheDuoGroup's Twitter, so I decided might as well use it too.

Ok, thats about it. 


Friday, January 16, 2009

The Spectator- TDG Short

Well, Another awesome short released by our friends over at  TheDuoGroup
If you havent already, Subscribe to their channel http://www.youtube.com/theduogroup

The Spectator

I thought this was incredible, Graham is awesome at editing.

I did some acting for this as well as a couple other people I know. (See Credits)

(Zephyr Pilot is under production.)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Recent Events

Ok, I have decided to just upload my halo 3 short since its done. I will be doing the pilot episode for Zephyr instead of that COD4 short I promised. So I think I should have that up by next week, And after that, it will be time to start up Suppressor Season 2.  I better not get any messages asking me to do a cod4 movie, because Its coming, and Im taking my time so It comes out awesome.

 Thanks for your patience cod4 fans.


Monday, January 12, 2009

quick update

Ok, here is a quick snapshot of my current Halo 3 short Im putting together. Im hiring someone to do the voice over for it so It should turn out pretty awesome. Im not going to release this until I do a cod4 short just to be fair to all the COD4 fans because Ive been doing alot of Halo recently.  Thats it for now. Ohh, I also have a machinima tutorial thing I will release after the cod4 and halo shorts are released.  


Friday, January 9, 2009

New stuff

As most people have seen, The last ever episode of inside Spartacus is up. 
ANyway, I have a couple things planned before I start making series. First off, I am about to release the suppressor Season 2 teaser, the bad part is, Im delaying the season for another 3 weeks or so Until season 1 can be released. I also have a short Machinima tips video that alot of people are going to find helpful for making their own machinimas. I will release that a couple days after the teaser for season 2. And, I am also making a Halo 3 short that I am investing alot of time(money) into, So you guys better enjoy it. Warthog training will begin shortly and will be next in line after all I have mentioned will be released. Zephyr will start sometime in febuary. 
Any questions just ask.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

B.net Front page

Sweet, Im gonna thank Urk for posting thunderstruck on the bungie.net blog.

Inside Spartacus 7 should be up soon btw.

And a helpful machinima tutorial movie.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Hey, In case you are wondering, I removed all the videos on my channel which have copyrighted material in them. Why? I just want to avoid any future conflicts. I will redo audio on videos I think should be back up there and eventually reupload them. I also audio swapped a couple of the videos so They could stay up. If you have any questions, just send me a message.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Recap of 2008 and The Plan for 2009

Well, Its been a very good year. I started making machinima when I got my capture card on April 18th 2008. I have to admit that I never saw myself getting this far as a director. I really think that this is something I will continue with for a while and maybe even Go to film school and see where I go from there. I have really enjoyed making movies for everyone, and hope that you continue to support me. Happy New Year!!

NOW for 2009: I have so much planned that I am almost overwhelmed with ideas. But let me take this one at a time, Firts of all, Some of my goals for this year are to get some more recognition for all my machinimas, Improve as a Director/Editor, and even get more advanced equiptment to make my movies more impressive. Second of all, I need to sort out what Im going to do with Suppressor. Many of you know that I have arranged with Gear(http://www.youtube.com/fbwalshyftw) to release all of season 1 of suppressor on his youtube channel to get a wider audience watching it. As soon as he finishes releasing them, I will Post the Suppressor Season 2 teaser and start Season 2. He will also be posting these on his channel in accordance to when I post them. Which means they will be released at the same time so I dont have to make the videos private until he posts them like I had to do with season 1. This may be the last season for suppressor, but thats not final.
And on the same subject of halo, I have still Planned to make Warthog Training, which will give me a chance to have some fun with making a comedy and such. This series will be released rather sparsley comapared to my other series because It will be a number 2 priority. I may also throw in a couple Halo shorts and such If I feel like it.

And now For COD4.
I have so many series planned that I have been forced to cancel Robot Donkey which will be replaced by random comedy shorts that I feel like doing. I also plan to do random episodes of Search N Get Destroyed which I hope will continue for a while. I also have to plan out a season of Zephyr which will be an incredibly intensive show consiidering what I have to do to make it look like its not something that I rushed through. So dont expect it to be made that often, I think that I may delay it until I get into season 2 of suppressor. And Like halo, I may do random comedy and Action shorts along the way.

Another announcement is that If you havnt already noticed, I have been royalty free music lately to avoid any copyright conflicts. In the end I may even remove all of my videos that contain copyright issues and apply for a youtube partnership. I may take them down, and redo the audio so I can put it back up. I will see if I feel like it.
One last thing, I plan to do Commentary for Suppressor that I will post on my secondary youtube account http://www.youtube.com/spartacus280 If you have any requests for commentary, send me a message and ill do it.

Well, We will see what happens this year.