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Friday, April 10, 2009


So, the first episode of zephyr went up on youtube here. I apologize for some of the writing quality and stuff, It was kinda a rush job. So ya, I know its bad, just had little interest in it ya know.

But ya, I am finishing up Warthog training Episode 3 which should be up next week. and as you can see, I kinda want to just focus on warthog training so I dont end up rushing something like zephyr again k?

thanks and stuff.



Junkyard129 said...

Hey Kootra,

Don't apologize for your work. I like it, it is done well. Remember you will always have more following on Halo Machinima's.
COD Machinima's are hard to do, take it from me I know! I look forward to the series to continue and remember if you need help let me know.

Anonymous said...

how times have changed...