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Friday, October 24, 2008

Long Update

Ok, This is gonna be long so get ready.
First off, I have a list of the current projects that Im working on, or am planning to produce later on:
1.)Suppressor Episode 6
2.)Search 'n' Get Destroyed Episode 4
3.)Robot Donkey Episode 6
4.)Secret COD4 Project
5.)Secret Halo 3 Project
6.)Inside Spartacus Episode 7

Ok now that I have those announced, I would like to bring to attention something I was reminded of. It has to do with people saying that I copied Digitalph33r and something called Blackstone with my recent halo machinima "Contact". To tell you the truth, I didnt even know what blackstone was when I though it up. I did watch it the other day and I admit It was very similar, But I didnt copy it because I didnt even Know what it was. As for "Final Moments", I got the Idea from it but I think saying that I copied it is a s dumb as someone saying Digitalph33r copied Roosterteeth. I was just doing something under the same "Helmet Cam" concept with a different story. I think you get the Idea.

Anyway, Thats about it for today, but expect a COD4 Machinima soon.


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