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Friday, October 31, 2008


Ok I took the time to compile this FAQ list. If you cant find an answer here, then you dont have to send me a message.

1. Q: How do you record footage from your tv?
A: I use something called a Capture Card. I captures the Video and Audio signals coming from your TV. My capture card is called a Dazzle Digital Video Creator 170. This hooks up to your TV on one side and then to your computer on the other side.

2. Q: Sub 4 Sub?
A: I dont subscribe to you unless I see that you have good Videos.

3. Q: Do you have PS3?
A: No, Xbox 360.

4. Q: Whats your Gamertag?
A: I dont give it out on purpose, but if you do find it, I dont accept random friend requests, I tried it once, it doesnt work.

5. Q: Can I help you act in one of your COD4 or Halo Machinimas?
A: No, I dont need help for COD4 Machinimas because I always have friends that help me, and I act in my Halo 3 Machinimas by myself.

6. Q: Why did you take me off your friends list on youtube?
A: People kept recommending videos to me and It got on my nerves. So I narrowed it down to people I actually know. Then you can see people I know.

7. Q: Can you give me any tips for making machinimas?
A: Not really, it's just something you need to play around with to see if you like it or not. My only advice would be to accept constructive criticism and have fun.

8. Q: What software do you use for your movies?
A: I use Sony Vegas 8 for Editing and Pinnacle Studio 12 for Capturing, I also use Adobe Photoshop for other stuff too. For Voice recording and Editing, I use Sony Sound forge. I also use Adobe After Effects 7.0 for a couple effects.

9. Q: Will you edit my montage for me?
A: No

Well, Its not long but its enough to thin my inbox. Thanks for reading.

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