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Saturday, July 25, 2009

New short and other stuff

Here is my new Tf2 short called "That Sentry is a spy"

In other news, I am working on a CSS short that will be up next week.
It will make people laugh hopefully.

Also trying some other stuff.



Anonymous said...

That Sentry is a Spy - Review

Well its not often I am asked to review videos (and I think actually this is the first one) so as such I take my time and research the subject matter. In this case to say that "That Sentry is a Spy" is a masterpiece of modern animation theatre, condensed within the time constraints of being able to soft boil an egg, would be selling it short.

On an initial glance the aesthetics of "machinima.com's" re-code does leave me in a state of mild despair & thus needless re-adjusting the chroma settings on the Visual Display Unit, almost to the point that the white backdrop of youtube burns my retinas. Tangentially I am glad that youtube has recently implemented a function to dull done all but the video for a more cinematic effect.

The cinematography is diverse & varied, where we range from over-used close up of a lone pyro first seen in "Ignis Solus" to the phenomenal effect of twenty eight pyros all laughing & dancing in step and to the single close up shot of just the sentry feeling shocked & aghast that so many pyros could entertain the notion of "spy-checking" a sentry. Few times have we seen inanimate objects express opinions of their own, with the previous being that of DMGaina's re-cut "Meet the Senty" originally released in 2007.

Then there is the choice of camera manipulation itself, now followers of my own work will no doubt recognise I'm more accustomed to & prefer the old-skool style of minimalistic (to no) camera motion, hence watching a watching a gentle wobble in the camera seems like a questionable use of computational time in graphic rendering, I feel obligated to mark it down on this point. However, I must mark it back up, as in comparison to Michael Bay's latest offering "Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen" the camera motion is non-existent.

The premise itself original and whilst the nature of "Meet the..." series has not been fully explored by Valve Entertainment, it has been parodied, exploited & ridiculed by the untamed masses to the point of being a meme in its own right; so to have a Short TF2 movie not falling within this pseudo-youtube-poop-genre is refreshing to say the least.

In summation I would have to rate this four & a half stars out of five stars, and whilst many will be wondering after such analysis where the remainder of the fifth star is, you will find it on ceiling of Test Chamber 09 (timed mode) in the PC version of Portal.

For those who haven't already guessed - yes this is a joke, no I wasn't actually asked to right this review, and yes I should be asleep but this current bout of insomnia seems to be too powerful.

Andrew C / mrdougan

B. Selvar said...

very funny, and frightening amounts of pyros in use, haha.

good idea, only suggestion is to make the fottage a bit brighter. other than that, 5tar!

Jordan said...

ya, It turned out way darker than I wanted, but I didnt have enough time to re render everything.