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Monday, February 16, 2009

News and such


Annihilation was uploaded on machinima if you hadn't noticed, here is the link Annihilation

In other news, I have about 5 machinimas completed that I am going to be uploading to machinima, so stay tuned. They will be released in this order:

1.) Zephyr Promo (same thing as the trailer #2, just with different music)

2.) Warthog Training Promo (A quick look at the series Warthog training)

3.) *Secret Halo Short*(I am excited to release this halo 3 short, Its sweet)

4.) Warthog Training Pilot (First Episode of a long and prosperous series ;D)

5.) Suppressor Episode 7 "Khaos" (This will have a nifty season 1 sum up at the begining)

SO thats about it, I will keep everyone up to date on whats happening.

In other news, Me, Sniper2477, and NinjaAdventuresProductions will be doing a collab project here in the near future. It should own.

Thats about it, I suggest everyone reading this should post a comment on this post so I know you are actually listening to all these shenanigans.

1 comment:

Sniper2477 said...

Secret project= Retrospect!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea I just ruined everything sorry :-)