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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Suppressor Pilot and Stuff

I just uploaded the Pilot for Suppressor. Its kinda a hack job on the voices because i recorded them a while back but its not too bad. If you like it I will make more better quality and action packed episodes. Hope you like it.

As for that comedy Machinima for halo... well Im having a writers block kinda thing right now and i dont have a solid idea of what to do. If I dont think of something I will go with my original Idea that I had.

I also will be making a special SNGD episode called "Spotlight on Larathen" which will be hosted by Larathen Himself and will be 10 minutes of random crap. It should be a Riot.

Ohh ya I also just reached 100 subscribers on Youtube which is cool i guess.

enjoy all the shows!


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